8 days, La Gomera: Photo Tourism

Gomera Experience
There are sights that you cannot miss, moments that will remain unforgettable. For an in depth knowledge of La Gomera and to fill the senses fully, we suggest you experience the journey through photography.
Brief Description of the Tour:

8 days and (7 nights), including transfer from the Reina Sofia Airport (South Tenerife) to your accommodation in La Gomera. Excursions, Self Guided Tours, Instant Camera and Travel Booklet.

What is Included?
  • Return Transfers from Tenerife South Airport, to and from the accommodation.
  • Ferry Tickets
  • Bed and Breakfast: “Hotel Torre del Conde” in San Sebastián of La Gomera, “Apartamentos Los Telares” (Superior Room) in Hermigua and “Hotel Gran Rey” in Valle Gran Rey.
  • Whale Watching Excursion
  • Information Leaflets and Self Guided Routes in Spanish.
  • Travel Booklet and Instant Camera supplied
What is not Included?
  • "Los Órganos" Excursion.
  • Hire car
  • Additional Excursions
  • Visit to Finca El Cabrito (check availability)
  • Any other item not specified in the above table.
Detailed Itinerary:
Day 1.

Once you arrive at the airport of Tenerife South, there will be a waiting shuttle that takes you to the Port of Los Cristianos (Tenerife South). From there you will travel by boat to the island of La Gomera . Over the Atlantic with its various shades will suggest to you the first photos. On arrival further transportation will take you to the hotel Torre del Conde. We suggest that you tour through the streets of San Sebastian, the capital of the island and home to captivating images. This tour offers a different view, following in the footsteps of Columbus and a few travellers, pirates, traders and settlers who have helped make this island into a cultural melting pot. If you do not have the right equipment for the following day’s hikes, we invite you to visit a local store www.burritolagomera.es who will advise you and if you've forgotten something you will find it there. Upon arrival you will receive a travelogue and an instant camera, which will allow you to take pictures and add them directly to the notebook.

Day 2.

After breakfast, our itinerary recommends unusual places where you can capture original images. For this we recommend a visit to El Cabrito, a beach which is only accessible by boat, owned by the property owners of the Finca Hotel of the same name. You can enjoy a healthy buffet of locally grown produce. It is a resort that will surprise you with its philosophy and attention to detail. This option is only available after Easter and until the month of September. If you are travelling at another time we suggest you visit Playa Santiago, a fishing village with a marina on the southwest of the island. Unmissable, are the beaches of Tapahuga, el Medio and Chinguarime. To capture some great photos at sunset, we suggest you visit Alajero and take photos from Los Roques, an impressive mass of rock surrounded by magnificent views.

Day 3.

We're going north, take the car and your belongings, the valley of Hermigua awaits us. We will do it via an alternative route, stopping at the different vista points, at a leisurely pace, enabling you to get the perfect panoramic photo with the villages at your feet. The deep valleys and ravines will take your breath away. With the Atlantic ever present you will have plenty of photo opportunities. The sea of clouds carried by the trade winds tumble over the slopes and mountains. Once you reach the junction that takes you to Hermigua you will begin to enjoy the images offered by the forest. We suggest a stop on the way for you to do a small hike so that you can continue to capturing emotions with your camera, “La Meseta de Hermigua” (the Hermigua Plateau). Upon arrival at the village we suggest you pay a visit to the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Gofio and take other interesting snapshots. Perhaps visit Playa La Caleta and el Pescante.

Day 4.

Today we will take a tour of the northern villages, to capture photos their inhabitants. As you begin you will see that there are endless scenes you will want to photograps. Such as views of traditional architecture, its colours, textures and unique shapes. You will start in Hermigua, with its terraced hillsides dotted with vestiges of the agricultural history of the area. We recommend you have lunch at the restaurant Vieja Escuela (Agulo) where in addition to savouring some delicious traditional dishes, you will enjoy stunning views from its terrace. You have the chance to see one of the most picturesque villages of La Gomera. Your camera will thank you. We recommend you take a visit to the visitors centre Juego de Bolas, where you will receive detailed and extensive information about the island and the Garajonay National Park. We will end the day in Vallehermoso, a valley of extraordinary beauty.

Day 5.

Today we head south so as not to leave you disappointed and wanting to see more of the forest, we propose you enjoy its full beauty. You will experience its many wonders, from the purity of the air, its lush vegetation and the tranquillity that has been preserved over time. You're in an ancient forest; you'll see the sun peaking through the trees creating infinite shadows and breathtaking images that will leave you wanting to capture its magic. We recommend the short circular trail “El Raso de la Bruma” that will plunge you into the heart of the forest. We also suggest another short hike: “The Barranquillos” which depicts the forest characteristics of the southern slopes, with its stark contrasting landscapes. From there you can see the west coast, highly recommended, especially for its sunsets. And if you feel like it you can visit La Laguna Grande via a different hiking route, we suggest that you do this at around 18:00 hours to appreciate fully its beauty and tranquillity. From there, you can return travelling through the towns of Igualero, Chipude, El Cercado, Las Hayas and Arure.

Day 6.

Today we invite you to immerse yourself in the sea and experience firsthand the beauty of its waters with its shades of blues, aromas, breezes, and power. We have called this adventure the "Day of the Dolphin", where you will see them swimming in their natural environment. At the same time you will be able to capture La Gomera as seen from the sea, the sun reflecting and infusing its slopes with brilliant and breathtaking colours and light. We suggest that on Wednesdays you take advantage of the fact that this excursion takes place at dawn allowing you to capture unique photos whilst at the same time experiencing something completely differently. In the afternoon, we recommend that you wait and enjoy the spectacular sunsets sitting on the beach or on a terrace, or stroll through the narrow streets and houses of La Calera, infused with their own special charm.

Day 7.

This time from “Alto del Garajonay” we give you the opportunity to once more take photos at sunrise. Weather permitting, from the highest point of La Gomera; you will also be able to photograph the other nearby islands, a scene that will remain forever engraved in your memory. If you feel like staying in Valle Gran Rey, remember to enjoy the beaches, especially that of Playa del Inglés and be sure not to forget to take photos of La Calera, with its quaint narrow streets full of history.

Day 8.

Tour of the town in which you are staying followed by transfer to Tenerife airport.


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