An encounter with the history

Gomera Experience

Experience offers:

Re-live the fascinating history of La Gomera

Find out about how the Gomerans lived, their origins and their customs which are maintained to the present day. An inheritance passed on from generation to generation that will immerse the traveller in the true spirit of the island.
Retrace your steps along the historic path walked by Christopher Columbus on his way to the Americas, the mysterious death of the tyrannical Hernán de Peraza that is linked to the history of the Torre del Conde, and the prehistoric origins that can be seen in the island’s museums.

Highlights of the experience:

Route of iconic locations related to Christopher Columbus

Ethnographic Park which has collections of the traditions and customs of past times

Museums with exhibits of the island’s rich history: Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum

Discover the location of the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

Columbus’ House

Discover the location of Columbus’ House.

Torre del Conde

Discover the location of the Torre del Conde.

“Las Loceras” interpretation centre

Discover the location of “Las Loceras” interpretation centre.

Palm honey house

Discover the location of the palm honey house.

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