8 days, Discover the heart of La Gomera

Gomera Experience
When you are very close, you can sometimes feel the echo of heartbeats, that's how we suggest that you discover La Gomera. By getting to know its people, their customs, crafts and legends passed down through generations.
Brief Description of the Tour:

8 days and (7 nights), including transfer from the Reina Sofia Airport (South Tenerife) to your accommodation in La Gomera (hotel and Bed and Breakfast accommodation). Whale Watching Excursions and Self Guided Tours, for 2 afternoons accompanied by a local guide.

What is Included?
  • Return Transfers from Tenerife South Airport, to and from the accommodation.
  • Ferry Tickets
  • Transfer from Valle Gran Rey to San Sebastián de La Gomera
    Accommodation “Hotel Torre del Conde” in San Sebastián of La Gomera including breakfast.
  • Whale Watching Excursion
  • Information Leaflets and Self Guided Routes, for 2 afternoons accompanied by a local guide.
What is not Included?
  • "Los Órganos" Excursion.
  • Hire car
  • Additional Excursions
  • Visit to Finca El Cabrito (check availability)
  • Any other item not specified in the above table.
Detailed Itinerary:
Day 1.

Once you arrive at the airport of Tenerife, there will be a shuttle that takes you to the Port of Los Cristianos (Tenerife South). Once there you will travel by boat to the island of La Gomera. Enjoy the journey, the ocean opens up and offers a prelude to the island that is serenely waiting with its closely guarded secrets. Upon arrival a shuttle will be waiting to take you to the other side of the island. Along the way you will already begin to feel the beats of the island.

Day 2.

On our journey we will visit places that hold certain mysticism that bring us closer to the folk tradition. Today our walk begins at the Garajonay National Park, in La Laguna Grande, a circular plain in a forest clearing, a former crossroads, today it is a popular recreational area. The next stop is the Alto de Garajonay highest point of the island where you can see almost the entire island, this place is also surrounded by a magical aura, perhaps because of its strategic location and the fact is that there are archaeological finds of sacrificial sites and evidence of other pre-Hispanic rituals/practices. We continue on through unfrequented paths, one of them being that of the “Meseta de Hermigua” (a plateau), this trek allows us to enjoy one of the islands permanent waterways, along with monuments such as the one dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of La Gomera. If you enjoy walking we suggest you take the path to "El Cedro" with trees covered in lichen and moss that hang creating a unique landscape. Very close by you can also find another of the treks that we recommend, "The Bailadero", where early in the afternoon or in the morning you can witness the laurel pigeons and enjoy the many flowers that have adapted to living amongst the rocks and stones.

Day 3.

Today we invite you to immerse yourself in the sea and experience firsthand the beauty of its waters with its shades of blues, aromas, breezes, and power. We have called this adventure the "Day of the Dolphin", where you will see them swimming in their natural environment. At the same time you will be able to capture La Gomera as seen from the sea, the sun reflecting and infusing its slopes with brilliant and breathtaking colours and light. We suggest that on Wednesdays you take advantage of the fact that this excursion takes place at dawn allowing you to capture unique photos whilst at the same time experiencing something completely differently. In the afternoon, we recommend that you wait and enjoy the spectacular sunsets sitting on the beach or on a terrace, or stroll through the narrow streets and houses of La Calera, infused with their own special charm.

Day 4.

El Silbo (the whistling language), is another heritage that brings us closer to the culture of the island. It is an example of the creative genius of the Gomeran people and their ability to develop a language to facilitate communications in such a rugged terrain. It has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We invite you to visit our monument to El Silbo, at the Mirador de Igualero, with panoramic views extending from the summit to the sea, on a clear day a complete an unencumbered view, silhouetted on the horizon the islands of El Hierro and La Palma. Another view not to be missed is the fortress of Chipude, a geological formation 1243 m high vertical walls which can be accessed by a narrow path. There you can find one of the archaeological sites of the island, with remains of altars exposed to nature. Not far from there, in Chipude, we find the village of El Cercado, a place where most of the traditional island pottery is made. There are no lathes, everything is hand crafted with just two simple tools: a stone of Callao and brass knife. In the local shops you will see the women potters that still maintain the local traditions and work the clay with their hands. Also, you will have the opportunity to purchase unique pieces. You can also visit the Centro de Interpretación de Las Loceras (interpretation centre), were they explains the working practices and have an extensive collection of ceramics on display.

Day 5.

Palm groves, thermal forests (heat-loving) are found throughout the island, taking centre stage in the landscapes of many of the ravines in the north and south. A good example can be found in the Mirador del Palmarejo, a balcony where you can further appreciate, the impressive terraces, evidence of the Gomeran tenacity to construct them and their devotion to agriculture. You must taste the palm honey, a key ingredient in traditional Gomeran cooking and a good example of the link between the people and the palm trees, creating a unique culture around it. To feel the pulse of the forest we suggest you travel into the heart of it, to achieve this we suggest some short but intense hiking routes, “El Raso de la Bruma and Los Barranquillos”. We continue onto los Chorros de Epina. Nestled in nature they are said to have magical properties. There are 7 jets of water and according to legend men should drink of odd numbers and women from even thereby benefiting from the healing properties attributed to them. Another legend tells us that only witches drink from the seventh. Then you descend to Vallehermoso, a town with endless places to discover. Here we suggest you visit the “Presa de la Encantadora” (a press/dam), a charming mirror between mountains. The imposing Roque Cano stands as the guardian of the people.

Day 6.

We relocate to San Sebastián and from there we invite you to discover the other side of the island because today you will see the north. An intricate network of ravines that extend to the sea provide the way to beaches and coves of outstanding beauty, for example,”La Caleta” beach in the town of Hermigua. The beach is fully equipped and has maintained areas away from the usual tourist routes. It is a little gem known for its relaxation appreciation of its wild beauty. In the town you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Museo del Gofio and the Ethnographic Museum and its surroundings, where you can feel the heartbeat of the island. On the way you must visit Agulo, with its well preserved old town, its unique elevated location and well cared for narrow cobbled streets amongst its many other attractions. We recommend a stop at the restaurant La Vieja Escuela, where you can enjoy some delicious traditional dishes on a terrace with stunning views. Continue on to the Visitors Centre, and then take a peek at “Mirador de Abrante”. From there you can head into the National Park via a road that meanders and winds into the peaceful green forest.

Day 7.

We recommend you visit the streets of San Sebastián, the capital of the island, a town full of captivating places. This stroll provides a different view, following in the footsteps of Columbus and the travelers, pirates, traders and settlers who helped create the island into a cultural melting pot. The historical and iconic houses will make you travel in time and relive the events of the past five centuries.

Day 8.

Tour of the town in which you are staying followed by transfer to Tenerife airport.


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