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Experience offers:

A tour of the best sunsets on the island

How many days will you be on the island? Plan to enjoy each day in a different place: at a viewpoint, on the beach, on a terrace, on your balcony, on the mountain and even in the water! There are infinite possibilities. The most famous sunsets can be seen at the Valle Gran Rey, and you can often find spontaneous drummers on the beach there saying goodbye to the sun.

Highlights of the experience:

The complete network of the island’s viewpoints will allow you to watch the sunset from many different perspectives

Recommendation: Viewpoints of La Gomera

Take a picnic consisting of island produce and drink a toast to the sunset

Options: Sabores Gomeros or recommended restaurants.

That moment of calm just before nightfall and the good weather on La Gomera will, on many occasions, allow you to enjoy the sunset from the water

Some sea trips return to port at this time and you will be guaranteed some spectacular sights

A cocktail on a terrace or on the balcony of your accommodation

Options: Restaurante La Pardela or your accommodation .

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