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The experience of sailing on this type of boat, feeling the breeze, just a few metres from the surface of the sea and with infinite visibility is essential for those who want to enjoy an activity in the water. Watching dolphins, whales, turtles, bathing inaccessible coves, going into impossible caves and all of this whilst carefully respecting the protection measures for this type of activity.

Captain José Miguel and his team SPEEDY-ADVENTURE say „Ahoy!“ and take you on unforgettable boat tours.

The Canary Islands, especially the area between Tenerife and La Gomera, form part of one of best Whale Watching destinations in the world. Here in the Atlantic Ocean you can experience the sight of lots of whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Throughout the entire year there is a 90 percent chance of observing a variety of marine mammals. This is mainly because the biodiversity here is extremely rich.

There are different types of these mammals which live here on a permanent basis. Among them are many dolphin species such as the Bottlenose dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Rough-toothed dolphins or Common dolphins.

Furthermore there is a uniquely large population of Pilot whales living permanently between the islands. Therefore throughout the whole year we have a good chance of observing these impressive animals whilst on our boat trips.





European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Action for a Sustainable Tourism

- Conservation and enhancement of the environment: 4

- Preservation and improvement of the quality of life of local residents and social development: 5

- Conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Garajonay National Park: 4


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