Whale & Dolphin Search with Excursiones Yani

Gomera Experience

Blue as far as the eye can see

A catamaran with two underwater lookouts which “immerse” the traveller into the deep blue of the sea. An experience connecting directly with the nature of the water that surrounds the island, watching cetaceans in the wild is complemented with the anchoring close to a deserted cove, you can also enjoy bathing in the sea and a meal with local produce.

The "Yani Primera" is a glass-bottom boat specially designed for passengers to observe life underwater from a unique standpoint. You will enjoy fantastic views of the marine fauna that surrounds La Gomera and its magnificent coastline. The boat is also perfect for trips between the harbours of the south of La Gomera.

Routes from Valle Gran Rey (35€):
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Routes from Playa Santiago (40€):
Thursday and Saturday.

Duration: 3 h.

Food Included

Free for children aged 5 und under.

50% discount for children aged 6 to 11 inclusive


European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Action for a Sustainable Tourism

- Conservation and enhancement of the environment: 5

- Preservation and improvement of the quality of life of local residents and social development: 4

- Conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Garajonay National Park: 4

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