Transfer between Tenerife and La Gomera

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“Travelling without luggage”, a feeling of freedom and being carefree which is achieved thanks to the Mesa Bus service. The transfer that takes care of the transport from landing in Tenerife to the door of the accommodation in La Gomera. A varied fleet of vehicles available to travellers to facilitate all transfers around the island. They have worked covering the needs of travellers since 1959, also offering a programme of respectful trips, making them stand out thanks to their commitment to the environment.

Shared transfer between the airport of Tenerife and the destination in La Gomera.

Arrival at the airport

After your arrival at the airport, we welcome you in our office, next to the exit to the taxi stage. We will bring you to the harbor of Los Cristianos. You receive your ferry tickets and if you pay in cash you will receive your bill, too.

At the harbor (Los Cristianos and San Sebastián de La Gomera)

On the arrival of the ferry at the harbor one of our drivers awaits you with a sign “Autobuses Mesa Gomera Transfer” for your further transportation (this only applies for customers who made a reservation for the transport to a hotel etc.)


We handle the transportation of your luggage from the airport to your destination in La Gomera in our vehicles. After your arrival at the harbor (Los Cristianos/San Sebastián de La Gomera) you can put your luggage on the baggage cart of the ferry company you travel with. If you need help, our driver will assist you.

Departure – pick up service in La Gomera

We pick you up on your departure day at the agreed meeting point – we always calculate enough time – to arrive at the ferry in time.

Departure – connection harbor Los Cristianos – Tenerife South Airport

Unfortunately the ferry connections between La Gomera and Tenerife may not are so convenient for your departure flight. Your journey might involve several waiting hours at the airport. We arranged a special shuttle service for you from the harbor of Los Cristianos to Tenerife South Airport, included in the price of the transfer.

The shuttle service contains the following services:

After the arrival of the ferry in Los Cristianos one of our drivers takes care of your luggage. So you can spend a little bit of time in Los Cristianos withaut worrying about your luggage. To the timings listed below we would pick you up at the harbor of Los Cristianos to transport you to Tenerife South Airport.


ISO 9001, ISO 14001

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Action for a Sustainable Tourism

- Conservation and enhancement of the environment: 4

- Preservation and improvement of the quality of life of local residents and

social development: 5

- Conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural

heritage of the Garajonay National Park: 5

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