Itinerant trekking La Gomera: 3 days

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Itinerant trekking La Gomera: 3 days

  • Itinerant hiking tour with 2 possibilities

1) All time with an official guide.

2) First day with an official guide and selfguided the next days

  • Local person to contact in case you need during your stay
  • Flexible route: each day you can choose between a moderate (N2) or a hard (N3) level for your walk
  • Luggage transfer included

La Gomera, Canary Islands small emerald, is covered with an incredible flora and dramatic landscapes. Moreover it has a calm and welcoming genuine atmosphere.
Because of her topography, La Gomera is much wider than expected. It has many natural and cultural interests. It has the biggest and best conservated laurel forest in Canary Islands. With only 370km2, it has a huge biodiversity of 4182 animal species, 25% of them to be endemic from the island (highest rate in Canary Islands). In order to protect this natural treasure, many protected areas have been created such as Garajonay National Park, protected areas of Orone and Roque Cano or Valle Gran Rey Rural Park. Spectacular landscapes very different fom the one to the other that you can discover all along your path! Its culture, heritage from prehispanic culture, offers highlights such as the “silbo gomero”, a whistled language classified by UNESCO, traditional music, typical pottery and gastronomy. So many things to try, feel or taste!

With 650km of former paths connecting local villages, La Gomera is a real trekking Eden! So why not visit it with a itinerant hiking tour?



Day 1 : Vallehermoso – Garajonay National Park – Chipude

The first day offers on a few kilometers a wide range of landscapes. During the way up (N3) to the National Park, you walk between many types of vegetation. Once on the top, you discover the ridge laurisilva forest, like in a tale. The tortuous trees are covered with moss floating according to the trade winds. Fog often creates there a fantasmagorical atmosphere…Absolutely magic! Then you go down to the other side. You go through several countryside hamlets. You also enjoy spectaculars views to the deep Valle Gran Rey Rural Park with its traditional terrace cultivation.
N2 : Walking time :3 h30 / Gradiant : +300m, -500m
N3 : Walking time : 7h / Gradiant : + 1 400m, -500m
Night : Chipude


Day 2 : Chipude- Alto de Garajonay (island summit) - Imada/Alajeró

The second day route allows you to discover some cultural, geological and botanical treasures of La Gomera. Indeed, you start your walk in the tiny village of Chipude where you can see traditional rural architecture. You get impressed by the Fortaleza, huge geological monument overlooking the first part of your journey. If you wish (N3) you can go up to the island summit (Alto de Garajonay : 1487m) which offers a 360º view to the neighbouring islands. Then you go down to the villages of Imada and Alajero.
N2 : Walking time : 5h /Gradiant : +500m, -800m
N3 : Walking time : 7h / Gradiant : + 700m, -900m
Night : Alajeró, Imada (45min walking time less), or Playa Santiago


Day 3 : Alajeró – Imada - Guarimiar - Playa Santiago

During day 3, you go through lovely villages: Alajeró located at the bottom of a holy mountain (Tagaragunche) then Imada nested between two mountains. After you go down through the most beautiful canyon of the island : Guarimiar. It narrows down along the path and at the bottow you discover a true oasis with palm trees, orange trees, mango trees et nice small stone houses. If you choose hard level (N3) you go up on an amazing path sculpted into the cliff. Then you go down to Playa Santiago.
N2 : Walking time : 5h /Gradiant : +250m, -1100m
N3 : Walking time : 6h / Gradiant : + 550m, -1400m
Night : Playa Santiago


Price. 2 people: 150 €/people

Price. 3 people: 120 €/people

Price. 4 people: 95 €/people

Price. 5 people: 80 €/people

Price. 6 people: 70 €/people


First day in La Gomera with a local english speaking official guide

Luggage transfer from Vallehermoso (day 1) to Playa Santiago (day 3)

Transportation required for your tour

Local guide phone contact during all your hiking tour

Detailed maps and roadbook for selfguided part

Not included



For hotels, you will be given a list with hotels where to spend a night so that you can book by yourself. If you want your hotels to be booked by a travel agency we can give you a contact.

In the traveller’s memory

There is no better way to discover a place than to do it walking, and if you are accompanied by someone who knows every corner, conveying knowledge and affection for the land, it's even better.
The experience of sustainable hiking can be seen in the small details, raising awareness of the importance of conservation, not leaving any type of mark (not just footprints) and supporting the local economy.


European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Action for a Sustainable Tourism

- Conservation and enhancement of the environment: 3

- Preservation and improvement of the quality of life of local residents and social development: 3

- Conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Garajonay National Park: 4

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