Oceano Whale Watching Tours

Gomera Experience

We are a committed team and we love the encounters with wild, free dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. It is a pleasure for us to show other people these wonderful sea animals, and we care about the immensely important and complex ecosystem, the ocean.

When we encounter a school of dolphins or whales, first of all we will try to find out what they are doing. Are they looking for food, hunting or feeding, travelling or do they even come closer to our boat? Respectful whale watching means to adapt to the particular situation and adjust our sailing manner to the animals’ behaviour.

It is very important to us not to disturb the animals with our boat but to watch them in their natural habitat. Often, they seek to get closer to us and the boat and even ride in the bow wave.

Every one of our boat trips is new and different as we are dealing with wild animals, which are constantly moving through the ocean. So we can never know exactly where they can be found in any particular moment. We have to search for them on every excursion anew – and we are very much in favour of finding them!

Twice a day – departure times may vary – one in the morning and one in the afternoon

3 - 4h duration each

10 guests max. per trip

Guided by an experienced, multilingual member of the OCEANO team


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