Hiking: Among mosses and mists

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Among mosses and mists

The laurel forest of La Gomera, a relic from the Tertiary Era, is home to a great diversity of species, some of them found nowhere else in the world. Swathed in mists conjured up by the trade winds, it invites us to uncover its secrets, get to know its unique features and enjoy its pure air and beauty. We shall go deep within this ancient forest and experience it for ourselves. After the hike we shall stop off at a local bar where you may try some traditional fare. (Refreshments not included in the price).

Duration: aprox. 6 hours. (9.30h -15.30h)

Hiking route: aprox. 3:30 hours / 250 m ascent / 250 m descent / 8 km

Price: 40€/person (5-12 participants). // 50€/person (3-4 participants).